Lorex LW2702 vs LW2731 Review

Lorex LW2702 and LW2731 Wireless Security Systems Reviews

Lorex LW2702 wireless digital security system is one device that you can rely on for added protection, either for your house or business. Designed specifically for home use, this surveillance camera has covered all the basics of everything you want for your home security.

So if you are looking to get one, then you can definitely take this device into consideration.

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Features Of Lorex LW2702 Wireless Recorder

Basically, what separates Lorex LW2702 wireless security system from the rest of other surveillance camera available in the market is the convenience it provides. The device offers a plug and play set up, so installation is definitely very easy and quick. You just mount and plug in the camera to any flat surface or up in the wall, then plug in the LCD monitor, and they are good to go. The cameras can be put up indoors or outdoors.

In addition, this device also offers a two-way communication intercom. The camera has built-in microphone and speaker. With this, you can mount the camera outside your house’s main entrance and be able to speak to whoever is calling without having to open the door.

Moreover, the device has a PIR motion detection, which means the camera will only start recording hen triggered by a subject that gives off heat, like a person or vehicle. With this, you can save recording time and space by just recording those that matters. And whenever the camera does not sense any heat and is in screen saver mode, it will simulate a digital picture frame for discreet security. The LCD screen will display any of the five pre installed scenic images.

The internal and external design for this surveillance camera is also very well engineered. It uses an SD card for recording, which means you view and manage your recorded video files directly into the system. The menu is also very easy to navigate and control. You can use the included remote control for choosing functions you want the system to perform.

If you need simpler system for monitoring your kids I suggest you to check out the Lorex LW241 system. 

Lorex LW2702: Product Contents

When purchasing this surveillance camera, you will get 1 LW2702 Digital Wireless LCD receiver/monitor, 2 Digital Wireless cameras, 2 Digital Wireless antennas (for cameras), 3 Power Adapters, 1 2GB SD Card, 1 Remote Control, Quick Start Guide, Instruction Manual, and 1 Year Warranty.

Customer Feedback

Many users find Lorex LW2702 wireless recorder a good security device. It does deliver what it promises, but of course there are limitations. Built for home use, you can’t expect it to do hard core security surveillance. Many people find the 2SD recording memory kind of bounded that they often needed to erase recorded files to free up some space. However, for people who just use this for home or small businesses, the available recording memory serves just fine.

Many people also gave good feedback to the easy set up that this device presents. Many of them said that they can quickly put the device into work as installing is a breeze.

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 Lorex LW2702 vs LW2731

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